Review: Crush by Nicole Williams


Let me just start this review by saying that I’ve been waiting on this book FOR FOREVER! I absolutely adored the first two books in this series (Crash and Clash) and couldn’t wait for Jude and Lucy’s happy ever after! And since I’m on the topic of “happy ever afters”…this book delivers! After three books of “hold on, roller coaster” kind of love, a blissfully happy ending is just what we needed!

This book picks up a few years after Clash stopped. Jude and Lucy are young, engaged and living on love. They are both still in school, though Jude gets drafted into the NFL and has to go to training camp. Lucy is struggling with feeling like she has to give up her dreams and decides to stay in New York and work over the summer. Jude and Lucy have never spent this much time apart, so this causes issues. Lucy is surrounded by a great cast of friends that all come from the last two books- Holly, Thomas and India. A few new characters are Sybill, fellow wife of footballer, and Anton, Lucy’s new boss and India’s smoking hot brother! Also, Little Jude is growing up and carries a lot of comedic value in this book! (He likes to be called LJ! How cute!)

One thing I love about this book is Jude and Lucy’s growth from the past two. They make each other crazy, love each other like no other, complete each other, and calm each other. They really are two pieces of the same puzzle!

My favorite part- the epilogue! I don’t want to give anything away, but it was heartwarming and totally made me *sigh*! (Jake, my husband, totally knew what that sigh was about and rolled his eyes at me!)

“The happier you are in life, the faster it passes you by. Life was one sick bastard if happy people were repaid with a life that seemed short. Short life or long life, it didn’t matter- I wasn’t giving up Jude either way.” – Lucy

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Review: Resisting Her by Kendall Ryan


From the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kendall Ryan comes the sexy and seductive Resisting Her.

Agent Cole Fletcher lives for his job at the FBI, and he’s more than ready for his next assignment—raiding a cult compound and putting their leader behind bars. But he isn’t prepared for Savannah and her knock you on your ass good looks. At nineteen, she’s too old for foster care and too damaged to live on her own. With nowhere else to go, and against his better judgment Cole takes her in.

But helping her out won’t be easy. He comforts her through screaming nightmares and escaping the lingering fears of her past, but that’s the easy part. Her preference to sleep cuddled up next to his warm body, and her desire to please him in every way makes her harder and harder to resist.

Resisting Her by Kendall Ryan is a super sexy and fun read. There isn’t a whole lot of conflict, at least not big hurdles, which makes it a low-angst read. I never once thought, “There is no way they are going to make it past this!” The majority of issues are in Cole Fletcher’s head. Cole is an FBI Agent. During a raid on a cult compound he rescues Savannah. Savannah is your not-so-typical, former cult member, naïve, 19 year old girl. You get the impression that she wasn’t always “drinking the cult Kool-Aid” if you know what I’m saying (she’s no fanatical). After being rescued Savannah struggles to make it and guess what…Cole Fletcher “Mr. White Knight” swoops in to save the day. The only issue is that his desire to save everyone might also be what tears them apart.

“He’d been trying to save everyone, yet Savannah had been the one to teach him. Her compassion, her genuine nature continued to level him. She was all he needed. And he’d been so wrong. She didn’t need saving- he did.” –Cole Fletcher

I really liked that despite Savannah’s upbringing, she really develops a backbone! After the falling out, she stands up for herself and I was proud of her.

“He grinned, liking the strength he heard in her voice. Seeing her growth and confidence was sexy.” –Cole Fletcher

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Review: Twisted Perfection by Abbie Glines


Let me just say, I love Abbi Glines and all that she writes. I loved Woods in the Too Far Series and was ecstatic he was getting his own book!

Della Sloane is exactly what Woods’ needs. She is searching to find herself despite a horrific past. With the help of her best friend, Braden, Della sets out to learn how to be independent and LIVE! Part of living is dealing with ups and downs. Della has to decide what’s important to her and how she can move forward without letting her past define her.

Woods Kerrington is swoon worthy. He is a fun loving guy trying to be himself within the restraints set by his father and his family’s golf club. He is a hard worker with ambitions to work his way to the top, but his father uses those ambitions to manipulate him. Woods has to decide what’s important to him and make a choice that affects his future (and happiness!).

Now to the fun stuff- The chemistry between these two is off the charts sexy! And Woods has a dirty mouth! (Insert girly squeal here!)

“She’s it. No one else. She’s all I’m ever gonna want.” -Woods

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