Review: Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines


“When you find your reason for living, hold onto it. Never let it go. Even if it means burning other bridges along the way.” -Rush

Whoa. (That’s what I said when I finished this book!) Appropriate response? Well, I’d just had my mind blown so I’d say so! Abbi Glines is like the Queen of New Adult! She writes the best characters, and most addicting, heart wrenching stories! In my head, she does no wrong! But even this book far exceeded my expectations!

This book picks up in a bar. Haha. Dean Finlay has shown up and Rush is being all protective of Blaire. First of all, Rush’s protectiveness is scorching hot! *fans self* Rush hadn’t told his father yet that Blaire was pregnant, which means he is in Rosemary for another reason. Nan. (insert thunder, evil laugh) Not only did Dean surprise me by being so sweet to Blaire, I really liked his character throughout the book! Hooray for Dean! But back to Nan…at the end of book 2, she finds out that Abe isn’t her Father, Kiro (another member of Demon Slayer) is. Nan heads to LA to “try” to bond with her father. The problem is, Nan is a bitch and couldn’t bond with cute puppy is she tried. She ends up causing tons of trouble and Dean wants Rush to come set her straight. Rush feels an obligation to help, so Blaire volunteers to travel to LA with him so he can talk to Nan. (why couldn’t he just call her?) Before they head to LA, Rush and Blaire celebrate their first Thanksgiving together, and Blaire’s first without her mom. I think this is when I started tearing up the first time. Rush is so dedicated to making sure Blaire is always happy, always comfortable, always feeling loved. (insert my *melting heart*)

“What should have been the hardest holiday I ever faced isn’t. You make everything better.”

“Good. I’m trying my hardest to get you so wrapped up in me you never leave.”

In LA, we meet Kiro and his other daughter, Harlow. Kiro is just as you’d expect…a crazy, partying, sex addicted rock star. Harlow is the polar opposite. She was raised by her grandmother. Kiro paid for everything and would pick her up every summer to spend time with her, until she got in the way of his rock star lifestyle. Because of this, Harlow is quiet and easy going. She takes the time that her father is willing to give and isn’t demanding. She’s also a bookworm! *points for Harlow* Also, this is why Nan hates her. (not cause she reads books, but because Harlow knew her father growing up and he likes to have her around) Kiro is a big jerk to Nan, it certainly would’ve helped the situation if he’d at least try, but he doesn’t. Nan throws tantrum after tantrum, even after Rush arrives and tries to speak with her.

I won’t go into any more details, you’ll just have to read the book! But here are a few more things I loved

-We get to hear from Grant and Harlow!! They get their own chapters and I can’t wait to get more!

-Woods and Della are there, duh! Some of the scenes from Twisted Perfection are in this book, but from Blaire’s perspective. It even goes past where Twisted Perfection ends, so I’m assuming we are getting a peak into Simple Perfection (out in October)?

-Your heart will melt around 68%!!! Abbi Glines has gone above and beyond and given readers an extra slice of the Forever Too Far pie! Ingenious!

I can’t even say anything about the last 20% without gushing and telling the ending! Just know that it’s absurdly good, and you should put down whatever you’re doing and go read this book. Right now.

My Rush and Blaire-




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