Review: After Math by Denise Grover Swank


So, of all the female characters to really feel connected to…I feel deeply connected to Scarlett, Queen of Anxiety Disorders! Hahaha this is so telling! Yeesh! But I won’t be ashamed! Anxiety is a real thing and sometimes it’s crippling! Hence, I totally get Scarlett!

This is such a great story of two people, enabling each other to be themselves. Tucker hides behind a bad boy image.

“Never in a million years would I want to be like Tucker Price. Unfocused. Irresponsible. Dangerous.”

Scarlett ends up having to tutor him, but the Tucker who she gets to know isn’t the Tucker that the rest of the world sees.

“There’s so much more to Tucker than he shows the world. A vulnerable, injured boy that created the man in front of me. Maybe he feels as trapped in his skin as I do.”

Scarlett allows Tucker to be himself and Tucker helps Scarlett work through her anxiety. He starts to “tutor” her on running, but really he just helps her step out of the shell she had built up around her life.

“He’s always seen through me. Seen who I am and what I need. It’s one of many reasons I’m drawn to him. This man has the capability to help me heal.”

I really wish that Tucker and Scarlett could have their own book 2, but the author, Denise, did tell me on twitter that there is more of these two in Redesigned (which comes out today!) and that we will love Tucker even more!! Is that possible?!?

My Tucker and Scalett-